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My mission is to uplift and empower you, your family, your relationships, and your business to create a healthy, happy, and more peaceful life…providing simple, natural, and innovative solutions to wellness through coaching, healing and movement. My toolbox is quite full and my success rate is transforming.

  • Have you tried traditional forms of healing and therapies only to be faced with the same struggles, repeating the same old patterns, experiencing the pain of old injuries and trauma?
  • Would you like to discover a different way of healing?
  • Are you searching for a way to transform and experience healing for yourself never before felt?
  • Would you like to experience yourself in a whole new way?
  • Would you like guidance to a happier, healthier you?

By learning how to access your own natural ability to heal yourself, the results are nothing short of amazing!

As a Wellness Coach, I have many healing modalities in my toolbox. I would be happy to schedule a free mini session so you can experience for yourself:    your own innate ability to heal and my intuitive ability to guide you.

Imagine living in a place of JOY every day of your life. You have found me and my web site for a reason. Take the next step:   Contact Me.


Life is learning to find peace within. Everything else follows!

On-going classes

  • Sunday Morning 9:00 am MDT --- Stretch & Breathe (75 mins)
  • Monday Evening 5:30 pm MDT --- Detox/ Intestinal Ex.(60 Mins)
  • Tuesday Morning 9:00 am MDT --- Flow / Qigong (60 mins)
  • Wednesday Morning 11:00 am MDT --- Chair Chi (50 mins) (Great for seniors, those w/physical challenges)
  • Thursday Morning 9:00 am MDT --- Stretch & Breathe (60Mins)

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